• Negocios IT Solutions
    Negocios is a complete security solutions provider. Our experts apply knowledge gained from decades
    of planning and designing secure facilities throughout the world.
  • Mobile App Development
    We design and develop innovative, secure, and high-performance applications for mobile.
    We're proficient with every major mobile platform.
    We in Negocios IT solutions take a pragmatic approach to customer problems and utilizing a proven set
    of techniques, process, skills and tools to build successful architectures and solutions.
    We are committed to provide excellent, unparalleled service in Human Resource domain & we focus on building our
    client's success through personalized service.
    We are experts at designing, implementing and maintaining feature-rich applications on the Cloud.

Welcome to Negocios IT Solutions

  • Negocios IT Solutions, Headquartered in London, UK is a leading Global Services company providing Services ranging from Product development, Information Technology Solutions & HR Services. From our inception in 2006, we have combined a thorough and effective approach with a keen ability to deliver solutions and results to all the clients that we serve across the globe. Recent business vistas also include focus on Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge process outsourcing space. Negocios empowers organizations by providing them an opportunity to increase focus on core competencies reduce IT & business process costs and accelerates product and application time to market. Our promptness is our success.

    In this era of unrivalled change, technological advancements are converging and interacting, disrupting traditional business operations at lightning speed. As a result, you face both increased uncertainty and extraordinary opportunities. Negocios offers integrated solutions that help our customers better and thrive in this rapidly changing digital environment. Optimum utilization of resources in a scientific manner is the success mantra of Negocios. We help customers do business better by leveraging our industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and vertically aligned business model.

Our Clientele

Our Products

The Absolute Privacy

TaP is a secure mobile messaging app that uses asymmetric encryption for every message and media send. You can send all types of sensitive data without the risk of eavesdropping using TaP

XMPP Photon

XMPP PHOTON is a SDK / library for the extensible messaging and presence protocol written in managed C# dedicated to .NET and Silverlight technologies.
XMPP PHOTON is available for the full .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Silverlight. This allows you to reuse all your existing code on all major .NET platforms.

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